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Monday, 08/21/2017, was an extraordinary day in the United States.  For the 1st time in ~100 years (much like the 2016 World Series champions), the total eclipse was viewable across the country from Oregon to Illinois to the Carolinas.  I was not able to view it & wish I had. The image accompanying this post is an OC,SH original photo I took 2 days later, ~8:10p, Wednesday, 08/23/2017, along Walker Rd, looking west, just south of the intersection with IL RT 72 & just north of Burlington IL; you can just barely see the sliver of the moon.  I promise you this was more gorgeous in person!

So, what does that all have to do with this post?  Well, not a whole lot, I suppose, but it seemed fitting for a “this is farewell for now, but hopefully not completely goodbye” message.  I probably won’t get to all I wanted to say in this post, but that’s OK.  But a quick 1st note: the OC,SH Beef Villa Cruise Nights (check out the details via THIS LINK HERE) will continue! Will I see you tomorrow night?

You may have noticed an abrupt halt to all OC,SH posts & interactions earlier this week. This was NOT planned; in fact, I had another 2 weeks of posts & images & fun stuff prepped, ready to be cued to publicize.  But, then, ugh.  Mid-late morning, Tuesday, 08/22/2017, my trusted laptop met with a water baptism when my Dad accidentally spilled his cup of water.  Initial diagnostics showed all was OK, except, it wasn’t; the hard drive had no data.  Ugh.  I should have been backing up material more often than I was.  Lesson learned.

Right now, my hard drive is nearing a California destination for a company to run tests to see if they can recover the data.  If so, awesome.  But, that will cost money.  At the moment, not sure how much, but depending on costs, I may be able to get the data back, but not a new computer (or even repairing my current laptop).

Having only a part-time job & no sponsors for this website, I cannot afford either, really, but if I can at least get the data back, I can borrow my parents’ computer (as I am now to write & cue this post) to occasionally post.  If the data is not obtainable, that might spell the end of OC,SH as you’ve known it.  Either way, make no mistake: the website is NOT going away.  A list of current themes & pages you can check out at your leisure is at the end of this entry.

Still, it is aggravating to see so much of my time, money, heart’n’soul that I poured into this website & related projects (website pages, redesigned Business Cards, etc.) be placed on the disabled list so suddenly.  Along with not being able to support & interact with others, namely YOU OC,SHers, as I’ve always done, I’m not sure words can accurately describe how I currently feel.  So, I will not even try.

I am, however, starting to see the positives of this forced hiatus: more time to explore areas, take ‘midnight drives’, review-purge my paper files, work on my custom Lego house, re-arrange my scale model displays, etc.  While I am feeling a bit lonely being rather cut off from connections, it is a break I highly recommend to others!  Why?  Because social media (tho namely FB) allows ‘negative feedback’ to dictate (via ‘technical difficulties’) what us as users see on a daily basis.  This, along with argument-inciting images & words, has only served to (in general) drive people apart, not bring us closer together.

For now, farewell.  I sure appreciate those of you who consistently interact with OC,SH posts, whether that be on the website itself, the Facebook page, the OC,SH express Facebook group, the Twitter feed, the YouTube channel.  Each of you have made me smile many times, more than I could ever count or repay.  Your interaction has truly made this a special, beloved “hobby” & I so thank you for choosing to be part of it.

Until next time….


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3 thoughts on “SEEING THE MOON”

  1. Hey, sorry to hear it. Hope the company can retrieve the data.

    If you want me to take a look at your laptop, let me know. I’ve got the equipment here at work to look at it and could possibly fix it depending on the issue.

  2. Sorry to learn that your laptop bit the dust Cort. I have had to restore computers from back ups a few times. The first time it was from a file on about 100 floppy disks. Later I had a tape back up, and now I use an external hard drive as well as a cloud service. Too many valuable items, much like your posts. I post about 1 week ahead for the museum page, and have them appear every day, even when I am away from a computer, and I am completely off line.

    But I wanted to tell you that I woke up this morning realizing I had not had any posts from your pages appearing in my feed, and I started to search. I hope that this setback will soon be just a brief memory, and we will again hear from you on a daily basis.


  3. Hi Ben … I hope so, too. Once I get the verdict about the data, I will get the laptop to you for review. I sure appreciate it, thank you.

    Hi Dave … I appreciate your kind words. I hope, too, this will be a memory, but at the moment, this may be permanent for a few reasons. I’m not making any decisions yet, so we shall see. I schedule all OC,SH posts to publicize whether or not I’m online. I like doing it that way because it is a set schedule which readers can count on … well, when posts are actually running. Irony rocks. If data is able to be retrieved in full, I will look into various forms of backup that I can easily do daily. I do feel a bit foolish for not backing data up as diligently as I should have been; however, I also see this as a blessing in disguise for a few reasons, even if I’m not “feeling” those reasons right now.

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