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My original idea (sparked ~3 years ago, late 2016) for this was an article, similar to what I wrote about automotive names, “Stop Re-naming My Car!” seen via THIS LINK HERE. But, instead, I decided to pattern this similar to the regular OC,SH themes, with images & a brief description-comments. So, take a read & give your preference.

Lately, automotive companies have decided a way to increase brand awareness & improve customer loyalty is a 1-size-fits-all approach to front ends. The apparent saturation of the market, along with automotive designs that don’t quite lend themselves to as distinctive features as vintage vehicles, might be 2 valid reasons for utilizing that marketing angle. Many people complain (for lack of a better word) how most vehicles now look the same & blend with each other. Autotrader featured an article about which automaker has the most-distinctive grille, noting: “…every automaker is desperate to create a ‘corporate grille’ — a front-end design that’s so distinctive its cars will be recognized the moment you catch a fleeting glimpse of them as they come toward you. The goal here is not only to create corporate unity in design, but also to ensure there are no ‘What’s that?’ moments from the public. They should, the thinking goes, be able to recognize your car right away, regardless of whether it’s an SUV, or a truck, or a van, or a coupe.”

However, for some automotive enthusiasts, such as myself, that marketing structure was not needed before; vehicles were instantly recognizable no matter the front end styling for the different models &, in some if not many cases, at a far distance. With different faces for the different sizes, each vehicle had its unique presence on the road. I prefer each model within a manufacturer have its own distance-distinctive face, giving each model its own unique presence, not the “corporate” face that looks too similar, unless you are up close & personal with the vehicle. But, I know not everyone agrees. So, your turn: do you like your car to have the same front end as all the other models of the same manufacturer or do you prefer your car to be distinctive from other vehicles in the same maker’s lineup?

To illustrate, a few lineups, 2016 vs. 1976:

1976 GM: Chevette, Malibu, Impala
2016 GM: Cruze, malibu, impala
1976 Dodge: entire lineup
1976 Ford: entire lineup
2016 Ford: Focus, Fusion, Taurus
2016 Toyota: Corolla, Camry, Avalon

Before the Major League Baseball season, March Madness (NCAA basketball tournament for which millions of people complete brackets hoping to correctly predict the outcome) is center court! But, who is ready for “automotive season” with cruise nights, shows & driving? Meantime, if the madness of spring cleaning is overwhelming you, check out options (via THIS LINK HERE) offered by CD Consulting Services to help.

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